Juhfark (Ovčí ocas), 2022, Kolonics (HU), suché



Je to tu! S radostí vám představujeme tuhle maďarskou pecku, skvělé víno odrůdy Juhfark (ovčí ocas) z vinařství Kolonics.
Pan Károly Kolonics hospodaří na svých vinicích v maličké nádherné vinařské oblasti Somló. Je to v podstatě jeden sopečný kopec posetý vinicemi.
Vína vznikají ve velkých starých sudech (50, 60 let; maďarský dub a akát) a mají jedinečný sopečný charakter.
Proč ovčí ocas? Fotka hroznu odpoví… 🐑
A jaké jiné jídlo k takovému vínu, než skvělý maďarský perkelt s tarhoňou?
Dobrou chuť a na zdraví!


Pozn.: Jedná se o aktuální ročník 2022, pouze na 1. fotce je láhev ročníku 2021.


2022 Kolonics Juhfark Attila
Somló, Hungary

APPELLATION: Somló (Shoam-low)
GRAPE COMPOSITION: 100% Juhfark (you – fark)
CLIMATE: Cool Continental
SOILS: Basalt and ancient seabed
MACERATION & AGING: 6-12 hours on the skins. 12 months aging on the fine lees with zero racking and then an additional 2 years in bottle before release.
ALCOHOL: 13.1%
ACIDITY: 8.56 g/l

Károly Kolonics is a 4th generation winemaker who grew up in nearby Devecser but spent his weekends
and summers in Somló. His grandparents were born and raised on the hill. His Somlói lineage goes back
notably to his great grandparents who emigrated to the US before WWI. Once the war threatened Hungary,
they mailed back as much money as possible. There was an issue with the postmaster and none of the
money went to the family and the estate was lost to the Abbey. The family eventually got their land back. The
labels are photos of the great grand parents from the late 1800s.

Today, Kolonics farms about 9 hectares of Olaszrizling, Furmint, Juhfark and Hárslevelű in thick basalt
crumble soil. The area is also covered in chestnut and walnut trees at an altitude just above the frost line. No
herbicides, pesticides, cover crops are cut by hand, and he uses orange oil and hand sprayed SO2 when needed.

His barrel regiment of large 1500L Hungarian oak and Acacia barrels, many around 60 years old, are adorned with the names of Kings and Saints of Hungary.
According to Károly, “I usually say that when you taste a wine and you speak about the barrel you do not speak about God but of his dress.” As for winemaking,
grapes are destemmed, pressed, and then usually spend 6-8 hours of maceration before the native fermentation begins. All wines are barrel fermented and
aged, full malo and only racked once before bottling.

Attila the Hun might be one of the most known characters from this part of the world. Rightly feared by
Western and Eastern Roman Empires, he invaded as far west as modern day France and Italy,
sieged the Balkans, and definitively devastated the Byzantine Empire. He never took Constantinople,
Rome or Paris, but did put a serious hurting on everything in between. There’s a reason Allied forces
in WWI referred to the Germans as Huns – a clear call back to the barbaric fighting style of Attila. As a
vessel, Attila is a super thick walled 1000 liter oak barrel from the Zemplén forest in Tokaj. As Károly
puts it, wines from this barrel are “Distinct, clear, and straightforward.” It’s both one of the driest wines
from 2021 but with far and away the most acidity. This is Juhfark leading the charge into battle. After
6-12 hours on the skins, its gravity fed into barrel. A minimum of 12 months aging on the fine lees with
zero racking and then an additional 2 years in bottle before release. The only addition is SO2.

Juhfark (Ovčí ocas), 2022, Kolonics (HU), suché
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